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The Brand - About us


The success of any marketing campaign should ultimately be measured by the size of your bank account.

This is what we truly believe, and it's the reason we proudly call ourselves the MBA.Group.

Because the only MBA that counts is the Money in your clients Bank Account.

MBA.Group acts as a strategic partner and business development consultancy for established brands. 

We produce bold marketing ideas, implement strategic digital performance sales processes and consult leading brands in optimizing their digital acquisition channels for maximum returns on their marketing investments. 

We’ve built a strong brand reputation that provides us the privilege to choose who we work with, and we don’t work with everyone.

We don’t seek clients.. They seek us!

For this reason, we can operate & deliver at the highest standards of excellence, unmatched by most other agencies, because we only work with the best clients.

Our amazing customers reach from personal brands & events, to retail & e-commerce, and even Government entities in the tourism sector.

We are not “just another full-service marketing agency”.. We’re a Specialized Production Powerhouse.

We don’t try to wow and amaze with "nice to look at" vanity metrics, numbers and impressions: We help provide what really matters: Results, and money in the bank account!

We work with the best, and so we hire the best for our team.

We’re looking for the NAVY SEALS of Marketing.

Are you the best of the best?!

Do you want to work with a team where your talents and efforts are truly appreciated?
A team that rewards you for your work, encourages you to be the best version of you possible, and wants your feedback and input on projects instead of being a mindless order-taking drone?

If so, MBA.Group is the place for you!


Is it you?

Greatness is not for everybody.
It brings with it a whole new set of rules and responsibilities that not everyone is willing to accept.

That is why not everybody can work here.

We treat our team like we treat our clients: Because we offer the best outcomes, we only work with the best people and companies.

We are looking for great minds full of talent and creativity. Those who thrive on difficult problems, love attention to detail, and for whom their “job” is not just "work" but ART.

People who own their work and "good enough" is not the goal, but the minimum acceptable

People who are ambitious, dare to solve problems by thinking their own way, speak their mind about new ideas, and love suggesting and implementing new concepts.

We are committed to being great, and we want someone who:

Has a "can-do" attitude and a track record of delivering superb work again and again.

Can work at a fast-paced company where the feedback cycle is measured in hours rather than weeks.

Is seeking a career-defining opportunity in a proven, results-oriented team that has created
some of the worlds greatest marketing campaigns.

A few last words:

These jobs here are not easy. If you expect easy work, you should better look somewhere else. We have a strong environment of a very professional attitude, although the experience level varies. Ownership and commitment to each other are our most important values. You should work here, if you get excited by achievements, creativity and by playing in a field of top performers and not by money alone. Your team members need to rely on you like you rely on them. If this is something you are looking for, we welcome you.

How We Operate

We’re a flexible company. 80% of our team members work remotely, and they love it!

We are a multicultural international team from Albania,Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States, Bosnia, Vietnam, Algeria and Iran.      

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Our gender profile is almost 50/50 ratio of male and female and 63% here are between the age of 25-34 and 19% are between the age of 35-44.

When you have an international team at your disposal, chances are the flow of ideas will be endless. Thanks to your different experiences and mindsets, you'll be able to work collaboratively to produce incredibly interesting and innovative ideas.

We have a physical office in one of the best business towers in Dubai where our executive team works exclusively to run business operations, provide peer to peer support for mutual growth, and offer virtual support to our remote teams.

We firmly believe that surrounding ourselves with other great people is the best way to grow. 

“A rising tide lifts all boats” - John F. Kennedy

With our remote culture, we want everyone to feel included and be an essential part of the team. Having our permanent base in Dubai helps provide that to everyone.

From time to time our team members visit our Head Office for large product launches. There’s always something exciting happening there... It's the birthplace of some of the greatest marketing campaigns our markets have seen.

Despite being a worldwide team, we are always connected. Our daily team meetings ensure not only that our projects are meeting the best standards, but also that our team members are heard, recognized for their efforts, and feel like part of a family.

Join us

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Junior Online-Marketing Manager
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Erfahrener Media Buyer für Facebook Ads
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Marketing & Advertising

What you should not expect

We care about results. But we believe more in moving fast, breaking things and getting the job done (and getting it done better than anybody else) instead of working like a perfect mechanical watch that looks nice, but comes with many limitations.

There will be chaos. Sometimes controlled. Sometimes not.

One thing is certain... there will be great achievements!

Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • Competitive Payment & Bonuses + Various Other Excellent Benefits (Depends On The Position)
  • The Possibility To Work From Home & An Amazing Remote Culture
  • Amazing Team Members
  • Responsibility & Ownership
  • Challenging Experiences And Knowledge
  • Opportunities For Career Advancement